2021 South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF)

Wed, August 4, 2021 - Fri, August 6, 2021 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm) UTC +8

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2021 South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF)

Wed, August 4, 2021 - Fri, August 6, 2021 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm) UTC +8
Shenzhen International Convention And Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)


2021 South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF) -2021 South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF)-South China International Industry Fair is one of the series of exhibitions jointly created by the Hannover International Industry Fair and the China International Industry Fair, dedicated to building an industrial field The whole industry chain business exchange and cooperation platform!
South China International Industry Fair originated from the South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition, South China International Machine Vision and Industrial Application Exhibition, which has been carefully cultivated for 24 years, and the three major brands of China (Shenzhen) Laser and Intelligent Equipment and Optoelectronic Technology Expo, which have been developed in 14 years. exhibition. The upgraded South China International Industry Fair includes innovative products and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, machine vision, industrial robots, CNC machine tools and metal processing, lasers and intelligent equipment, new generation information technology, digital factories, and industrial Internet. An international circuit board exhibition will also be held in the same period, including circuit boards, electronic components, optoelectronics and semiconductor industries. The upstream and downstream industry chains are linked to lead the new trend of industrial manufacturing in South China.
This exhibition is designed for people in the following fields:
  • Automobile manufacturing, 3C product (computer, communications, electronics) manufacturing, mechanical engineering, home appliance manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, printing and packaging, textile industry, paper industry, rail transit, sheet metal processing, kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel products, elevators, OEM manufacturers in lighting, motorcycle manufacturing, engineering/construction/agricultural machinery, steel furniture, aerospace, hardware and other related application industries and related industries such as automation and sheet metal.
Exhibition highlights
  • Industry Fair not to be missed in South China
  • In response to the development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, “South China Automation Exhibition” will be fully upgraded to “South China International Industrial Expo” in 2020. The fully upgraded exhibition will integrate the dominant themes of “Germany Hannover Messe” and “China International Industry Fair”, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and contribute to the industrial development of South China and the entire Asia-Pacific region. It will help you to grow rapidly in China. The intelligent manufacturing industry opens up new business opportunities.
  • Cross-interaction between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, helping the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries
  • “South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition” is one of the most popular automation exhibitions in South China. Since its establishment in 1997, the South China Automation Exhibition has laid a solid industrial foundation and broad market demand along with the take-off of the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle. This year ushered in the 25th grand event. As the theme exhibition of the “South China International Industry Fair”, the 2021 “South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition” and “South China International Machine Vision and Industrial Application Exhibition” will continue to cooperate with: Robot Exhibition, CNC Machine Tool and Metal The Processing Exhibition, the 15th Shenzhen Laser Exhibition, the Circuit Board Equipment and Raw Materials Exhibition, the New Generation Information Technology and Application Exhibition, and the Industrial Internet Exhibition will be held concurrently, fully presenting innovative technologies, products and solutions in the intelligent industrial industry chain. The exhibition will be The goal is to build a one-stop exchange and cooperation platform in the industry to help the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries.
  • Gathering of well-known brands at home and abroad-showcasing the core technologies and cutting-edge products of intelligent manufacturing
  • Beckhoff, Oriental Motor, Wieland, Inoxin ITEM, Mismi, Wanke, Weidmüller, Bornstein, Ike, Schmalz, Schmersal, Denso, DENSO, Yiheda, MOONS’, FATEK, Leisai, Aiweiai, Yiheda, Ward, Dingyang, Yakong, Likong, Kangbo, Hangzhou Yongchuang, Stand, NBK, NB, TBI MOTION, UBC, Shida Tong, Bilvwei, Shiruida, Huacheng Industrial Control, Turing, Qi Like, Nitto, Ginier, Yangtze River Electric, Kejie, Guanjie, Kelier, Mibo, Red Lion, Basler, Microvision, Opt, Samson, Ricoh, Nikon, SCAPE, CBC, Marposs, Edmund, Onner, Sumida, Huicui, Innovative Technology, Han’s Vision, Can Rui, Sharp Vision, Han’s Laser, Huagong Laser , Hymson, Bond, Ruitie, Jiatai, Ruike, Chuangxin, Prectech, Changguang Huaxin, Guangyunda, Tianhong, Jinweiqi, Germany Battenberg State Pavilion, Jingdong Industrial Products , Ali 1688 and other brands will showcase the latest products and technologies on site.
  • During the same period of the exhibition, the organizer will also work with industry associations and authoritative media to carefully plan and hold more than 20 conference activities
  • ※CSIG Vision Frontier Technology and Application Seminar
  • ※APS Asia Asia Powertrain Industry Technology Conference
  • ※2021 3C Manufacturing Industry Summit Forum
  • ※Industrial interconnection, new logistics, new warehousing
  • ※2021 Smart Factory Core Standards and Key Technology Theme Forum
  • ※2021 Industrial Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Forum
  • ※LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference
  • ※2021 China Smart Car Technology Conference
  • ※2021 China New Energy Vehicle Technology Conference
  • ※Tesla live dismantling show
  • ※Industrial parts procurement and supply matchmaking meeting
  • ※2021 Asia-Pacific Electronics Manufacturing Forum
  • ※Top 100 Summit

Event Calendar

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 - Friday, August 6, 2021

9:00 am - 6:00 pm  UTC +8

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