2021 The 9th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation...

Wed, August 25, 2021 - Fri, August 27, 2021 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm) UTC +8

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2021 The 9th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition

Wed, August 25, 2021 - Fri, August 27, 2021 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm) UTC +8
Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E5-E7
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


2021 The 9th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition- BIO CHINA 2021 Fermentation Exhibition has now become the annual industry event of the biological fermentation industry. The exhibition will focus on bioengineering, fermentation engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, and biomedicine. (Antibiotics, vaccines, etc.), biological feed, biological pesticides, biological fertilizers, biological chemicals, food fermentation, fermentation products (amino acids and organic acids, starch and starch sugars, yeast and derivatives, enzyme preparations, fermentation functional products), etc. New products, new technologies, new equipment, and new craftsmanship in China are the main display content, creating a full industrial chain covering “display, commerce, learning, and communication”, leading the industry’s professional comprehensive service platform! Create a high-standard international bio-fermentation ecosystem.
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BIO CHINA 2021 will have a display area of ​​40,000 square meters, 450 industry companies will participate, more than 300 bioengineering equipment, biopharmaceutical, laboratory equipment exhibitors will compete on the same stage, and more than 45,000 professional buyers will be shared, effectively enhancing the industry brand awareness and economy Benefits, boost the innovation and development of the biotechnology industry, and welcome the blue ocean of the biotechnology industry.
BIO CHINA Bio-Fermentation Exhibition and Shanghai Bio-Engineering Equipment Exhibition, to create a brilliant industry. In the national 13th Five-Year Plan, the bio-industry sector vigorously develops biotechnology drugs for the prevention and treatment of major diseases, new vaccines and diagnostic reagents, chemical drugs, modern Chinese medicine, etc A large variety of innovative drugs will improve the level of the biomedical industry. BIO CHINA 2021 is combined with the bioengineering equipment exhibition and turned into a large-scale international professional exhibition created in the field of biotechnology. The upstream and downstream powers of the industrial chain are combined to show the potential of innovative R&D and business opportunities in the era of bioeconomy.
The Shanghai Bioengineering Equipment Exhibition will focus on presenting the industrial outlook, connecting politics, industry, academia, research, and all walks of life. From gene cell research, new drug research and development, products, technical services, raw materials, terminal applications, investment and financing, to create a biotechnology industry The large-scale service platform of the chain.
The 9th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition in 2021 has:
45 000 exhibition area
450 exhibitors
35 000 professional visitors
exhibition criteria:
Biological Fermentation Hall:
1. Biological fermentation product area
Amino acids and organic acids: glutamic acid, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, citric acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, itaconic acid, etc.;
Enzyme preparations: amylase, glucoamylase, protease, cellulase, isoamylase, isomerase, β-glucanase, phytase, xylanase, etc.
Yeast and its derivatives: high-active dry yeast, medicinal yeast, feed yeast, nutritional yeast, yeast extract, etc.;
Starch, starch sugars: all kinds of starch, modified starch, starch sugar, polyols and other products and their derivatives.
2. Technical equipment area
Laboratory fermentation tanks, saccharification tanks, storage tanks, cell tanks, vaccine (bacterial) fermentation tanks, glass fermentation tanks, evaporation equipment, crystallization equipment, cell culture systems (instruments), cell reactors, purification and distillation equipment, cell incubators, Shaker, heat transfer, dryer, emulsifier, incubator, heat exchange equipment, exhaust gas/biochemical analyzer, solid preparation, animal and plant cultivation, cooling equipment, air compressor, filtration and separation, extraction, sterilization, chromatographic separation , Distillation and concentration, cell crusher, high-pressure homogenizer, concentration equipment, water production, air purification and other water treatment and environmental protection equipment;
Third, the automatic control system area
Chromatograph, spectrometer, airflow/magnetic stirring, reducer, transmission equipment, condenser, PH electrode, ion exchange resin, sensor, level gauge, stirring equipment, peristaltic pump, exhaust gas treatment equipment, sealing labeling machine, etc.
Four, fluid equipment area
Sanitary (pumps, valves, pipes, hoses), sanitary connectors and integrated service providers, emulsification, homogenization, mixing, sorting, thickening, reactors, distillation, filtration and separation, filtration purification equipment, deionization Equipment, cryogenic equipment, dust collection equipment, clean room equipment, vacuum and other production and processing equipment;
Five, separation and extraction equipment area
Membrane separation equipment, centrifugal separation equipment, rectification and evaporation crystallization separation equipment, screening equipment, drying, decolorization equipment, extraction equipment and other extraction equipment.
6. Environmental protection equipment and technology zone
Environmental monitoring and laboratory equipment such as MVR evaporation system, sewage monitoring system, analytical instruments; environmental protection equipment such as wastewater, exhaust gas, and solid waste.
Biological Engineering Equipment and Technology Museum:
1. Upstream equipment area
Medium preparation equipment, air purification and sterilization equipment, bioreactors, ventilation fermentation equipment, anaerobic fermentation equipment, animal and plant cell culture equipment and enzyme reactors, microbial cell disruption equipment, supercritical extraction, ion exchange equipment, evaporation and crystallization Equipment, material conveying equipment and product packaging equipment, biological engineering water supply and refrigeration systems and equipment.
2. Downstream equipment area
Separation, filtration, membrane separation, grinding, emulsification, purification, adsorption, ultrafiltration, crystallization, extraction, distillation equipment, ion exchange, spectroscopy, chromatography, concentration, purification equipment shaker, drying, transmission equipment, sanitary pump valves, pipelines Pipes, fluid machinery and equipment, etc.;
3. General equipment area
Mixing, kneading, stirring, screening, filtering (including filter cloth), freeze drying, centrifugation, crushing, grinding, sintering, homogenization, conveying, weighing, pump valves, standard parts, pipes, seals and gaskets, high pressure Cleaning device, compressor drive device, heat exchange, refrigeration and other heat treatment equipment, industrial cleaning and anti-corrosion equipment technology, sealing equipment and accessories, weighing and metering technology, etc.
Four, automatic control and measurement area
Automation control system, operation and process monitoring, instrumentation and industrial automation equipment, process control system and software, chemical science and engineering data processing system and program, process control computer and microprocessor, analysis for concentration measurement and production control Instruments, sensors, CAE-computer aided engineering; process simulation software, etc.
Five, laboratory equipment area
Chromatography, gas phase, spectroscopy, spectrum, mass spectrometry, optics, spectroscopy, spectroscopy, biological engineering instruments, bacteria analyzers, microbial analyzers, general equipment, reagents, consumables, general reagents, experimental consumables, laboratory equipment and analytical technology, Facilities, laboratory planning and equipment, physical and chemical analysis instruments, sample preparation and related fields, surface analysis, environmental analysis, laboratory diagnosis and automation, service and contract analysis, etc.
This exhibition is designed for people in the following fields:
Medicine (antibiotics, vaccines, etc.), biological products, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical intermediates, biopharmaceuticals, biofeeds, fine chemicals, biopesticides, veterinary drugs, biofertilizers, biochemicals, R&D technical departments, procurement, and company leaders in industries such as natural extracts, microorganisms, food additives, vitamins, beer/beverage, dairy products, fruit wine, probiotics, scientific research institutions, testing and service institutions, etc.
Audience welfare:
Various VIP treatments are waiting for you
1. Number of participants in the on-site forum meeting
2. A copy of the exhibition catalogue
3. Vip lounge, (coffee and desserts are provided)
4. One water voucher/gift voucher
5. Free booking of cost-effective catering and hotel accommodations around the exhibition hall, and return tickets
Online registration is free to enjoy VIP treatment Offline registration is free but does not enjoy VIP treatment
Exhibition time:
August 25, 2021 (09:00-17:00) Opening ceremony, visit to the exhibition
Visit the exhibition on August 26, 2021 (09:00-17:00)
August 27, 2021 (09:00-15:00) visit the exhibition and move-out
Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E5-E7

Event Calendar

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - Friday, August 27, 2021

9:00 am - 5:00 pm  UTC +8

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