CERAMICS CHINA 2021, as a high-standard brand pageant in global ceramics industry, has proudly become the key networking platform, and the important carrier & window of technology exchange and business trading across the world. Leading companies and elite suppliers around the world are gathering at CERAMICS CHINA, showcasing their innovation know-how of raw materials, decorative materials, refractories, production technology, equipment and services for end-users of building ceramics, sanitaryware, tableware, artistic ceramics and industrial ceramics.
The previous edition has attracted 816 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, of which domestic companies accounted for 78% and overseas companies accounted for 22%. Received 83,092 domestic visitors from 355 cities in China and 12,088 overseas visitors (accounting for 12.7%) from 76 countries. Estimated Figures of CERAMICS CHINA 2021 — 600+ Exhibitors — 5,500+ Booths —80,000+ Square meters   — 100,000+ Visitors — 80+ Visitors countries — 20+ Exhibitors countries     Key products to be presented at the trade show – Raw materials: Clay, Quartz, Feldspar, Additives, Abrasives – Raw material preparation: Testing, Ball-milling, Filtration, Spray drying – Forming/Drying: Feeding, Mold, Press, Dryer – Glaze/Decoration: Colors, Glazes, Ink, Glazing, Inkjet printing equipment – Firing: Kiln, Furnace, Combustion, Refractory – Finishing: Grinding, Polishing, Abrasives, Diamond tools – Packaging/Warehousing: Packaging machinery, Smart storage system – Associated equipment: Desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal equipment, Sewage treatment equipment, Waterjet/cutting machine – Accessories/Parts: Belts, Motors, Bearings, Components, Filters
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