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TSCI 2021 Guangzhou International Apparel Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Application Exhibition

Mon, August 16, 2021 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm) UTC +8
Poly World Trade Expo
No. 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District


TSCI 2021 Guangzhou International Apparel Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Application Exhibition- sponsored by Textileke Holdings and hosted by Mihong Exhibition, the International Apparel Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Application Exhibition will be upgraded again, aiming to create a one-stop professional exhibition platform for the textile and apparel supply chain, focusing on advanced “Smart” manufacturing technology, promote new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new models, create exchanges and cooperation platforms and procurement opportunities for textile and apparel companies, and help the industry to transform and upgrade to “new manufacturing”. Digitalization, informationization, automation and intelligent innovation run through the entire garment processing and manufacturing industry. As a clothing manufacturer, the way to make a profit is nothing more than “opening up” and “throttling”. Flexible manufacturing is the king. The TSCI International Apparel Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Application Exhibition relies on two new media platforms for intelligent apparel manufacturing to fully understand the needs of the industry and link empowerment.


TSCI 2021 Guangzhou International Apparel Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Application Exhibition has:
  • 30 000 professional visitors;
  • 45,000 square meters exhibition area;
  • 500 exhibitors.
The main exhibits of this exhibition:
  • Intelligent R&D: PLM, CAD/CAM, PDM, MTM customization system, customized shopping guide APP, 3D body measurement/fitting/design software system, new manufacturing supply chain B2B, etc.;
  • Intelligent ordering: ERP/GST standard working hours/APS automatic scheduling/MES production execution/Cloud visual control system, overall solution;
  • Intelligent production: computer automatic cutting bed, automatic spreading machine/spreading machine, intelligent hanging system, intelligent sewing automation equipment, special machine, intelligent embroidery/printing equipment, intelligent finishing (intelligent packaging finishing equipment, etc.);
  • Smart warehousing/logistics, RFID, smart stores, new retail, etc.
Advantages of the exhibition:
  • Face-to-face negotiation and cooperation with 500+ high-quality clothing intelligent manufacturing solution service providers/equipment manufacturers to achieve zero-distance and high-efficiency contact;
  • The exhibition area is clearly divided to help you achieve precise docking;
  • Factory direct supply, favorable price, long-term cooperation;
  • At the same period of the clothing intelligent manufacturing conference, the big names and experts of clothing brands will be gathered to provide you with full of dry goods, so that you will be worthy of your trip.
Star exhibitors:
  • Ena, Leading, Autobot, Haoheyue, Lingtu Huishi, Dingniu, Master, Chuangsheng Hi-Tech, Jack, Netuo, Inner Internet of Things, Jianma, New Becco, Yunjizhihui, Ling Di, Zhiyi, Alex, Jiuzi, Zhiteng, Chi Jiu, Sanhexin, Weilxun, Miao Xiaoran, Shanggao, Red Bean, Aegwynn, Futong, Clovis, Special Special, More than 100 garment intelligent manufacturing software and hardware enterprises, such as fast and good province, new ideas, power dimension, easy embroidery, Hong Kong Zhongda, Zhuo Shang, Youfan, Jinhao, Pucheng, NSF, Panzhu, Jingsong, etc. participated in the exhibition and concentrated on display It is the most advanced, most practical and complete one-stop solution for intelligent clothing manufacturing.
This exhibition is designed for people in the following fields:
  • Printing and dyeing factories, printing factories, textile production service manufacturers, clothing brands, textile supply chain system suppliers, e-commerce owners, end product manufacturers, etc.
Exhibition time:
  • August 14-16, 2021


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