widely recognized as Tree Man, Messenger of Nature, Green Warrior, and Eco Warrior, including 5 Limca book of records

Dr. Deepak RameshGaur: A Proven Green Innovator and Inspiring Speaker on Sustainability

Let’s join hands to create a greener, sustainable, and pollution-free environment for future generations.

Dr. Deepak RameshGaur, widely recognized as Tree Man, Messenger of Nature, Green Warrior, and Eco Warrior, is a celebrated figure in the realm of environmental sustainability and is available for speaking engagements at events dedicated to this vital cause.

A Proven Track Record in Sustainability

Dr. Deepak RameshGaur has demonstrated remarkable achievements in environmental sustainability. His journey, marked by planting 1,000,180 trees and aiming for the dream of 1 billion trees, is a testament to his dedication and impact. Known for his structured innovations and campaigns like #75greening75screening and #pollutionQUITINDIAcampaign, he continues to inspire and lead by example.

~ Tree Man or #inspiringTree
( H.PhD in Environmental Innovations )
Loved & Blessed by Man of Innovation i.e. our own Missile Man ( our own beloved people’s President )
Thus, Holding plenty of entitlements,  records & awards, including 5 Limca book of records alongwith acknowledgements as UN Environment Day Hero & LStv’s Inspirational Start of the Nation , in 2019.

Diverse Background and Expertise

With a rich background in advertising, media planning, event coordination, and strategic marketing, Dr. Gaur has built an impressive career, creating lasting impressions through innovative work. His transition from the corporate world to environmental advocacy has redefined excellence in the field of green innovations.

Career Highlights:

  • Advertising Guru: Years of experience in media planning, buying, and brand broadcasting.
  • Event Planning: Skilled event planner and coordinator with a strategic mindset.
  • Green Innovator: Honored with a Ph.D. in Environmental & Green Innovations for his outstanding contributions.

Speaker Opportunity

Dr. Deepak RameshGaur is available for speaker opportunities at events dedicated to sustainability. His extensive experience, proven achievements, and passionate commitment to environmental causes make him an ideal speaker to inspire and educate audiences on the importance of sustainability and green innovations.

Key Topics:

  • Environmental restoration and sustainability initiatives.
  • Innovative approaches to combating pollution.
  • The journey and impact of large-scale tree planting.
  • Strategic planning for green projects and community involvement.
  • I hereby, warmly welcome youConnection and related Friend. I am dedicated to mentoring and encouraging children with special abilities due to road or fire accidents. Having faced similar challenges myself, I’ve traveled many miles in life to spread smiles.
    I am committed to raising awareness about fire and road safety norms, as I have personally suffered due to others’ negligence. My unique experience includes returning after 1,000+ hours of deep sleep and nurturing over 10,000+++ 🌱s or 🌳s. I aim to reach 1 billion 🌱s or 🌳s & 💚s and have currently , Crossed Restarting Point of Inspiration i.e. 1 Million
    Once uncertain about my existance for little longer period, I now aspire to live like a lamp, emitting light for others and bringing hope to those suffering. I seek your encouragement, blessings, guidance, and support.
    Let’s join hands to create a greener, sustainable, and pollution-free environment for future generations. 🌱👍🏻🌳 I extend heartfelt nature-friendly greetings and present my pure gesture as a #greenlifegift.
    Explore our journey on our YouTube Channel:
    Recognized as the #messengerofNature , #ecogreenwarrior,  #SonofEarth ,  #inspiringTree or Tree🌳Man ,  I could vhannelise #giftingLIFEtoLIVES in mass & today myownself toched 1,1M181🌱s or 🌳s & 💚s ( #greenlifegifts ) Mark, with unwavering spirit.
    Living the dream of #dream1billion 🌱s or 🌳s & 💚s, I resumed my journey from World Environment Day 2024 with restructuring my ownself & via  restructured innovations. Celebrated India’s 75th independence with #75greening75screening and tackling pollution with #pollutionQUITINDIAcampaign, we could also promote , #greenrainbow and #greeninghearts but watching focus to #letusgrowfood for now,  to tackle seemingly food crises in the world, due to climate change & towards growing #healingGlife ( medicinal plantation )  all over , to counter Health Hazards.
    Join us in coloring lives green innovatively ,  with #innovative3P & #magical3R. Let’s replace ‘I’ with ‘WE’ and fight together in our MAHABHARATA against ecosystem threats. I invite your participation in our mission.
    Know my relevance , My unseen CRYies backed with everlasting TRYies ~  Learn more through my Story by GOODNEWS TODAY‘s in 2023:

Contact Information

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Tree Man Dr Deepak RameshGaur

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