Who is Responsible for not getting Sustainable Development Goals ?

Reflecting on Our Legacy to the Next Generation

When we think about what we are leaving for the next generation, we realize that we have been mostly focused on material wealth. We work hard to build up a large bank balance, buy property, and collect gold and diamonds. But in doing this, we have overlooked an important part of our legacy – the environment and the quality of life for our children. Our children are inheriting a world where the environment is getting worse, and we need to seriously think about this.

Material Wealth vs. Environmental Health

Parents have always wanted to provide financial security for their children. In India, this often means having a lot of money in the bank, owning property, and investing in gold and diamonds. These are seen as safe ways to ensure a secure future. However, as we focus on these material assets, we are also contributing to environmental problems that threaten the future we want for our children.

A Changed Childhood

Looking back at our own childhoods, we see a big difference. Thirty years ago, children spent their summers playing outside all day. The air was cleaner, the heat was bearable, and there was less pollution. But in 2024, things have changed a lot. The heat has become unbearable, and the air quality is so bad that children often have to play indoors. This increase in indoor activities, like mobile games, is because it’s not safe or pleasant to play outside anymore.

The Impact of Environmental Neglect

The rising heat and pollution have serious effects. During summer vacations, children are less likely to play outside because the environment is unhealthy. This change is not just about different play habits; it shows a bigger problem of ignoring our environment, which is harming the health and well-being of our children. The air that used to be fresh is now full of pollutants, which is very risky for health.

The Real Cost of Our Savings

While saving money and property for our kids is important, we must ask – at what cost? If we ignore the environmental problems we face today, our savings will be worthless in a world affected by climate change, polluted air, and extreme weather. Our children deserve more than just financial security; they deserve a healthy planet.

Rethinking Our Priorities

It’s time for us, especially in India, to rethink our priorities. We cannot afford to ignore the environment. We need to understand that saving also means taking care of the environment. No one else will save our environment for us; it’s our responsibility. By taking action now, we can make sure our children inherit a world that is not just financially stable but also healthy and sustainable.

Steps Toward a Sustainable Future

Education and Awareness: We need to start by educating ourselves and our children about the importance of the environment. This includes learning about pollution, climate change, and deforestation. Schools should teach environmental education to help children understand their responsibility from a young age.

Adopting Sustainable Practices: We can adopt more sustainable habits in our daily lives. This includes reducing waste, recycling, saving water, and using energy-efficient appliances. Small changes in our lifestyle can make a big difference when everyone does them.

Investing in Renewable Energy: Instead of only putting money into traditional assets, we should consider investing in renewable energy sources. Solar, wind, and hydro energy are sustainable and can offer good financial returns over time.

Supporting Environmental Policies: We need to support policies that protect the environment. This includes backing politicians and laws that prioritize clean energy, control pollution, and conserve natural resources.

Community Involvement: Being active in our communities to promote environmental awareness is important. Activities like community clean-up drives, tree planting, and local sustainability projects can help build a sense of environmental responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility: Businesses must also adopt sustainable practices. This includes reducing their carbon footprint, using eco-friendly materials, and making sure their operations do not harm the environment.

A Call to Action

The time to act is now. The choices we make today will shape the world our children will live in. If we only focus on financial savings and ignore the environment, we are harming future generations. We need to balance financial security with taking care of the environment.


In conclusion, while building a bank balance, acquiring property, and investing in gold and diamonds are important, they should not be our only focus. We must also think about the health of our planet. By caring for the environment, we can make sure our children inherit a world that is not only financially secure but also healthy and sustainable. This is a responsibility we cannot ignore, and the time to start is now. Let’s rethink our savings and invest in a future where our children can enjoy a better quality of life.

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