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Startups for Sustainability in India since 2010

India has seen a growing number of startups focusing on sustainability since 2010. Here are some major ones that have made significant impacts up to June 2024:

  1. Gegadyne Energy: Founded in 2015, Gegadyne Energy is revolutionizing battery technology with non-lithium batteries that charge faster and last longer. Their technology aims to address energy storage challenges, promoting sustainable energy usage.
  2. Carbon Clean Solutions: Since 2009, Carbon Clean Solutions has developed advanced carbon capture technology to reduce industrial CO2 emissions. Their systems are used globally, converting captured CO2 into useful products like chemicals and fuels.
  3. Chakr Innovation: Founded in 2016, Chakr Innovation’s device captures particulate matter from diesel generators, converting it into ink. This reduces air pollution and repurposes harmful pollutants, supporting cleaner air initiatives.
  4. Biomass India: Biomass India, established in 2012, converts agricultural waste into renewable energy. Their biogas plants and biomass power solutions provide sustainable energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and supporting rural electrification.
  5. Ecozen Solutions: Launched in 2010, Ecozen Solutions improves agricultural efficiency with solar-powered cold storage and irrigation systems. Their innovations help reduce post-harvest losses and water usage, benefiting farmers and the environment.
  6. ZunRoof: Founded in 2016, ZunRoof provides smart solar energy solutions, making renewable energy more accessible. Their services include solar panel installation and smart home energy management, promoting clean energy adoption.
  7. Saathi: Established in 2015, Saathi produces biodegradable sanitary pads from banana fiber. Their eco-friendly products reduce plastic waste and support menstrual health, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional products.
  8. Banyan Nation: Since 2013, Banyan Nation has focused on recycling plastic waste into high-quality recycled granules. Their efforts contribute to reducing plastic pollution and promoting the circular economy in India.
  9. Log 9 Materials: Founded in 2015, Log 9 Materials uses nanotechnology for clean energy solutions like aluminum fuel cells. Their innovations aim to provide efficient, sustainable energy alternatives to traditional fuels.
  10. GreenSoul: Launched in 2018, GreenSoul designs ergonomic office furniture using recycled materials. Their products are environmentally responsible and support sustainable business practices.
  11. Ather Energy: Since 2013, Ather Energy has been developing electric scooters with innovative features like connected dashboards and fast charging. Their products promote sustainable urban mobility.
  12. Oorjan: Established in 2014, Oorjan offers end-to-end solar energy solutions for residential and commercial sectors. Their services include financing, installation, and maintenance, making solar power more accessible.
  13. Uravu Labs: Founded in 2017, Uravu Labs develops atmospheric water generators powered by renewable energy. Their technology provides a sustainable solution for clean drinking water, particularly in water-scarce regions.
  14. ReMaterials: Launched in 2015, ReMaterials produces modular roofing systems from recycled materials. Their sustainable roofing solutions are designed for low-income communities, improving living conditions and reducing waste.
  15. Shellios Technolabs: Founded in 2016, Shellios Technolabs creates anti-pollution helmets with air purification systems. Their products aim to protect riders from air pollution, promoting health and safety.
  16. Karma Recycling: Since 2013, Karma Recycling has been focused on electronic waste management. They offer recycling and refurbishment services for electronic devices, reducing e-waste and promoting responsible consumption.
  17. Farm2Kitchen: Established in 2011, Farm2Kitchen connects farmers with consumers through an online platform for organic produce. Their model supports sustainable agriculture and provides fresh, healthy food to urban markets.
  18. Graviky Labs: Founded in 2016, Graviky Labs developed a device that captures air pollution and converts it into ink. Their innovative solution helps reduce air pollution and repurposes pollutants into art supplies.
  19. Yulu: Launched in 2017, Yulu provides shared electric bicycles and scooters for urban mobility. Their service reduces traffic congestion and pollution, promoting sustainable transportation.
  20. Hasiru Dala Innovations: Since 2015, Hasiru Dala Innovations has worked with waste pickers to improve waste management in cities. Their initiatives include recycling programs and waste management services, supporting social and environmental sustainability.
  21. Smarter Dharma: Founded in 2013, Smarter Dharma offers sustainability consulting for businesses and communities. Their services include waste management, water conservation, and sustainable building practices, helping clients adopt eco-friendly practices.
  22. SustVest: Established in 2018, SustVest provides a platform for investing in solar energy projects. Their model enables individuals to invest in renewable energy, promoting sustainable investments and clean energy development.
  23. Cygni Energy: Since 2014, Cygni Energy has been developing innovative solar DC solutions for homes and businesses. Their products aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs, supporting sustainable energy usage.
  24. OxyGarden: Launched in 2019, OxyGarden creates indoor air purifiers that use plants to improve air quality. Their products promote healthier living environments and support urban greening.
  25. Grove Labs: Founded in 2016, Grove Labs develops smart farming solutions for urban agriculture. Their hydroponic systems enable efficient, space-saving farming, promoting local food production and reducing environmental impact.
  26. Ecosattva Environmental Solutions: Established in 2014, Ecosattva provides sustainable waste management solutions for urban and rural areas. Their services include waste segregation, composting, and recycling, helping communities manage waste responsibly.
  27. BluSmart: Since 2019, BluSmart has been offering electric ride-sharing services in urban areas. Their fleet of electric vehicles provides a sustainable alternative to traditional taxis, reducing emissions and promoting clean transportation.
  28. Neerx Technovation: Launched in 2018, Neerx Technovation develops IoT-based water management solutions. Their technology helps monitor and manage water usage, promoting efficient water conservation practices.
  29. Prakriti E-Mobility: Founded in 2019, Prakriti E-Mobility offers electric vehicle leasing and charging infrastructure services. Their initiatives support the adoption of electric vehicles and promote sustainable transportation.
  30. Recykal: Established in 2017, Recykal provides a digital platform for waste management and recycling. Their solutions connect waste generators with recyclers, promoting efficient waste management and recycling practices.
  31. Upcyclers Lab: Since 2018, Upcyclers Lab has been creating educational products to teach children about sustainability. Their interactive kits and books promote environmental awareness and responsible consumption from a young age.
  32. TESSOL: Founded in 2013, TESSOL offers thermal energy storage solutions for cold chain logistics. Their technology reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency in food and pharmaceutical storage.
  33. Oxygarden: Launched in 2019, Oxygarden designs indoor air purification systems that use plants to improve air quality. Their products enhance indoor environments, supporting health and well-being.
  34. Recycle India: Established in 2012, Recycle India focuses on e-waste management and recycling. Their services help businesses and individuals dispose of electronic waste responsibly, reducing environmental impact.
  35. Eco365: Since 2012, Eco365 has been providing water-saving solutions for homes and businesses. Their products include water-efficient faucets and showerheads, promoting water conservation and reducing utility costs.
  36. Aakar Innovations: Founded in 2013, Aakar Innovations produces biodegradable sanitary napkins and promotes menstrual health awareness. Their products offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional sanitary products.
  37. Soulfull: Established in 2011, Soulfull offers nutritious food products made from traditional grains like millets. Their products support sustainable agriculture and promote healthy eating habits.
  38. Letstransport: Since 2015, Letstransport has been providing logistics services with a focus on sustainability. Their solutions include electric and CNG vehicles for transportation, reducing emissions and promoting green logistics.
  39. CropIn: Founded in 2010, CropIn provides smart farming solutions using data analytics and AI. Their technology helps farmers optimize crop yields and adopt sustainable farming practices.
  40. Ecozen Solutions: Launched in 2010, Ecozen Solutions develops solar-powered cold storage and irrigation systems for agriculture. Their innovations improve farming efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  41. Thrive Solar Energy: Since 2009, Thrive Solar Energy has been manufacturing solar lighting solutions for rural and urban areas. Their products promote renewable energy usage and provide reliable lighting in off-grid areas.
  42. Sheroes: Founded in 2013, Sheroes provides a platform for women entrepreneurs, including those in sustainable businesses. Their community support and resources help women grow their businesses and promote gender equality.
  43. Ergos: Established in 2012, Ergos offers a digital platform for farmers to store, sell, and manage their produce. Their model supports sustainable agriculture and helps farmers get better prices for their crops.
  44. PeeSafe: Since 2013, PeeSafe has been producing hygiene products, including biodegradable sanitary pads and toilet seat sanitizers. Their products promote health and hygiene while reducing plastic waste.
  45. Ather Energy: Launched in 2013, Ather Energy develops electric scooters with advanced features like fast charging and connected dashboards. Their products support sustainable urban mobility and reduce emissions.
  46. Happy Roots: Founded in 2014, Happy Roots connects farmers with consumers through a platform for organic and artisanal food products. Their model supports sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices.
  47. Beco: Since 2018, Beco has been producing eco-friendly home and personal care products. Their biodegradable and plastic-free products reduce waste and support sustainable living.
  48. Cleanmax Solar: Established in 2011, Cleanmax Solar provides solar power solutions for businesses and industries. Their services include installation and maintenance, promoting the adoption of renewable energy.
  49. Husk Power Systems: Founded in 2008, Husk Power Systems provides off-grid energy solutions using biomass and solar power. Their microgrids bring reliable electricity to rural areas, promoting sustainable development.
  50. EcoRight: Launched in 2017, EcoRight designs and sells eco-friendly bags made from sustainable materials. Their products promote plastic-free living and support environmental conservation.

These startups showcase India’s commitment to sustainability across various sectors, including energy, waste management, agriculture, transportation, and more.


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